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Episode 1: Bull Reds

Episode 2: Shallow Water Grouper with Capt Dan Clymer

Episode 3: King Fish, River Fishing, Capt Jimbo Keith

Episode 4: Capt Zack Lewis, Snook Fishing

Episode 5: Sunglasses, Capt Clay Shidler, Throwing plugs for shallow water Gags

Episode 6: Back country fishing with Denny Seabright

Episode 7: The Week of Fishing, Cottonmouth Boats, Capt Marrio Castello talks Trout and Tripletail

Episode 8: Capt Craig Spitznogle talks artificial baits and a Cajun giveaway

Episode 9: Trip giveaway, week that was, Capt Stacy Horak

Episode 10: Back water Fishing, Santa

Episode 11: Week of Fishing, Capt Gene Miller

Episode 12: Combat Fishing with Capt James Kerr

Episode 13: A new segment, fishing talk, and Capt Mike Holland

Episode 14: Week of Fishing and Safety Topics

Episode 15: Irish Dave, Bait Box Review, Week In Fishing

Episode 16: Knotty Tails, Week In Fishing, Salty Gators

Episode 17: Jacinda Rose talks kayaks, week in fishing, spotted by, and fishing tips

Episode 18: Product review “Filletzall”, Week in Fishing, Spotted By

Episode 19: Capt Misty Kelly, Fishing Fun, Spotted By

Episode 20: We made it! Capt Leon Hampton Talks Trout

Episode 21: Capt Travis Roberts Canoe Fishing

Episode 22: We talk crabs with Capt Janot

Episode 23: Snook and the Tommy Lure

Episode 24: Week in fishing, spotted by, hook removal

Episode 25: Capt Billy Farrar, Kings

Episode 26: Share and Fish Giveaway, Capt Marrio Q&A

Episode 27: New regulations

Episode 28: Spearfishing

Episode 29: ARS and Gag Grouper Rigs

Episode 30: Aquatic Nutrition

Episode 31: The Wife’s Edition

Episode 32: The Rajun Cajun Capt Dencil Powell

Episode 33: The Tip Show

Episode 34: Return of the Kayak Queen

Episode 35: John and Capt Eric Talk Tips and Boating Etiquette

Episode 36: Scallops and Capt Carlos Gutierrez

Episode 37: Capt Gene Miller and Freedom Boat Club

Episode 38: Katie Jo Davis with Gangler’s Fly-In Lodges

Episode 39: ICAST Review, Share and Win Giveaway

Episode 40: Hog Fish, WBT shirt reveal

Episode 41: Hooks

We Be Tailing Episode 42: So you want to catch a Mangrove

We Be Tailing Episode 43: Sunsets and Engines

We Be Tailing Episode 44: The Old Q&A

We Be Tailing Episode 45: Snook with Tommy Hines

We Be Tailing Episode 46: Capt Dan Clymer

We Be Tailing Episode 47: So You Want To Catch A Bull

We Be Tailing Episode 48: The Announcement

We Be Tailing Episode 49: Red Fish Giveaway

We Be Tailing Episode 50: More Red Snapper

We Be Tailing Episode 51: Capt C.A. Richardson

We Be Tailing Episode 52: The One Year Mark