I was born in South Florida and learned an appreciation for saltwater fishing from my father. We would travel to the Florida Keys on the weekend and just enjoy fishing along with what the water had to offer. A little later in life, my father was transferred to Northeast Florida and I learned to fish for largemouth bass on the St. Johns River. As I grew into adulthood, I continued to fish, even though work took me from Florida, I still found ways to fish. I eventually had the opportunity to find my way back to my love of fishing and now I fish the abundant waters off of Crystal River and Yankeetown. This area boasts beautiful old style Florida, covered in cypress and palm trees lining the shores on the boat ride out to a variety of fishing from inshore to offshore locations.

I love to share the joy of fishing with my family and friends. We often compete in local tournaments and usually are blessed to finish in good standing. This sport, or lifestyle if you will, has introduced me to many interesting people, and some lifelong friends. I have traveled the world, fished many parts of it, but like the old saying goes, there is no place like home. U.S. Coast Guard Licensed and insured.


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